Sunday, April 8, 2012

Last Summer by the Reservoir

shared by a friend, Tom C., 17:

I live out in Western Massachusetts, a tiny town you've probably never heard of where we are still surrounded by forests, fields and lakes hidden away from the masses of people in the outside world. One of my favorite private spots to go out to is this quiet little reservoir that is about three miles deep in some conservation lands that takes about a ten minute car ride out of town to get to.

During the summer it became a private habit to head out to the "res" on a hot summer day and smoke a few cigarettes that I bummed in town and eventually strip naked and skinnydip for a few hours while taking breaks to just lay out in the sun and get a tan in the nude.

The first time I got the temptation to get naked I was so nervous the entire time that I just walked around the water clutching onto my clothes with this wild fear that someone would catch me. I know, crazy, right? Middle of nowhere and the odds really seemed to be a million to one that I could be creeped up without any warning. After a few forays into nudity I no longer carried the same worries or the clothes for that matter. I'd pile my things up in a bundle on one side of the "res" and fearlessly walk away from them.

On one particular afternoon of repeating what has now become ritual I had been now walking some of the trails in the immediate area of the water with just my sneakers on to protect my feet from the random sticks and stones of the paths. Well, since this is a man-made body of water there are stone walls and ledges spread throughout the area which do impede vision if you are trying to look up the paths ahead of you. This is worthy of note because I did not see what was coming.

I walked around a corner and about fifteen feet in front of me was a girl I go to school with. Combining the shock of it being a sixteen year old friend of mine who was looking just as surprised as I felt was the fact the she was topless and looked to be in the process of removing her pants!

We laughed a lot at first upon recognition of each other and both seemed rather comfortable with our current predicament.

"Holy shit, you scared the hell out of me!" she laughed.

"You? I almost had a heart attack! I wasn't expecting anyone out here!"

She quipped "Please, not like you care that its me you came across while hanging free. Act like you're embarrassed, I dare you. Nice dick, guy, I knew you were the kind to shave your pubes off too."

While saying this she finished taking off her jeans and slipped off her thong in one quick motion. Standing there looking at each other naked we both laughed again as she suggested we head down to the water to go for a swim. While walking side by side I felt that tingle in my penis that gave away what was about to come next. Before reaching the shore my dick had grown straight out and I was sporting this erection that was throbbing in the air.

She was smiling slyly at me but didn't say anything about my obvious excitement. We skinnydipped for awhile and as it started to get late we agreed it was time to put our clothes back on and start heading for home. As we wandered back to fetch our things my dick went hard again and she grinned while saying "Nice, so next time we come out here you're gonna show that same enthusiasm again for me, right? I'll make it worth it, promise!"

Needless to say at this point I found my summer-long skinnydipping friend. Whenever the opportunity came up we found ourselves naked at the reservoir enjoying the peace of just being two teenagers, naked and free.

Gathering of the Juggalos: 2011

Apparently Gathering of the Juggalos is one of the best places to see young girls in public completely nude. It is always amazing what teens are willing to do after a few drinks, in the Summer, in crowds of their peers. 

These two young ladies spent the day wandering the festival with just their shoes on. I don't think a single person complained at all.

In this video around 5:10 you can see the two girls from above walking by the kid holding the camera. You can consider me jealous. Fact.

Bonnaroo: Festivals Are Where Its At

shared by a friend, Lilly, 19:

"The Bonnaroo music festival last year is probably one of the greatest places one could ever hope to be for the following reasons:

A. The music lineup always kicks ass.
B. Fantastic place to satisfy your exhibitionist urges without a care in the world.

You are surrounded for days by thousands upon thousands of care-free, fun-loving, chill people that are there to have a good time. People are sharing drinks, passing joints and everyone seems to be your best friend. Security, or if you will, "The Man", is minimal in presence as in an atmosphere like this they are really there for major crimes and security reasons. Smoke a joint and they will literally look at the ground while walking past you. On the other hand, rob a person with a knife and you're done. See? Major safety, not the little things. To continue, a conversation I overheard between two girls and a security guy:

Girls: "Hey, theres a naked guy back there! We saw him, he's just, naked!"
Security: "Is he conscious?" 
Girls: (hesitant) "Yeah."
Security: "Don't worry about it then, its the unconscious people we worry about."

There you go guys, that is the spirit here.

I went last June with five friends from my high school senior class and within minutes of getting into the festival area I knew I was in another world. Before we even had our camp area set up I had already spotted at least a dozen topless girls and two or three naked guys. Win.

The first night i was pretty well behaved, per se. After seeing a few acts I reached my absolute-drunk point (you know, that point where you are good and toasty but one more drink will bring you to a whole level of terrible) and took off my top. It was no big deal to anyone, including my friends, and one of my girlfriends followed suit by taking hers off too.

The following morning I was up way too early along with one of my girlfriends and one of my boyfriends (for the sake of the story Alice and Steve shall be their names) and we went for a walk around the area to see what other people were up to and get our drink-on started like the champs we are. Embolden by the previous evening shenanigans I started the day off without my top and needless to say it always makes the locals all the friendlier. While passing one camp though we heard a girl call out to us hello and asked us if we had an extra beer.

We happily obliged (sharing is caring) and stopped to hang out for a bit. After awhile her boyfriend woke up and got out of their tent (surprise, surprise) completely naked. She wasn't in the least bit shocked by this and my group took it in stride. We hung out for awhile longer and finally decided it was time to wander back to our own camp. We shared our adventures with the others and got to talking and jesting each other on the subject of nudity. It came down to finally myself in just my cowboy boots, Steve one hundred percent naked and Alice going topless for the day. The whole day. 

Walking through crowds of people naked was absolutely exhilarating and my friends reported feeling the same about it. The vast majority of people barely notice while others ask to have their picture taken with you. Steve said this this was the single craziest thing he ever did and loved every second of it. There were a few times while we were wandering that Steve was sporting half-wood and one time for sure that I remember he went full on erect while posing for a picture with a group of girls. After that his erection didn't settle for nearly half an hour, much to our amusement. As drunk and as high as he was though he didn't care in the slightest and just had a shit-eating grin on the whole day. 

As I have been rambling now for a bit I'll bring this to a close with the sentiments of festivals being the coolest place to get away with our behavior. My favorite pictures to find are guys and girls naked at concerts and festivals as I think its so fricken cool and brings back some great memories."